2S PRO GROUP launches Crypto Advanced

We are proud to launch CryptoAdvanced our Premium Crypto Newsletter, Blockchain Consulting and Blockchain Conference service. Special thanks to Athanasios T. Ladopoulos and John Aslanis for being the key supporters and leaders of this new and innovative business unit.

The new services are: 

Premium Newsletter

A business and financial approach to the blockchain covering the tech and business applications. What is the real value of this technology and which cryptocurrencies can really make the difference? What are the trends that are going to shape the cryptocurrencies of the future? Join us and be among the first to get access to the deep-tech analysis of Athanasios Ladopoulos and the retail side of crypto by John Aslanis.

Blockchain Consulting

Ok its time you stop thinking cryptocurrencies as stocks and start considering how you can use the blockchain in your business and start reducing your costs and maximizing your profits. We are the people you should work with on this. We will guide you on how the blockchain can make the difference for you and design the best token model for your operations. From token issuing to fin-tech apps we cover the whole range.

Crypto Advanced Conferences

The best way to connect the traditional market with the cryptoeconomy is to bring these two worlds together. Athanasios and John decided to join forces and make a difference. Stay tuned and participate in our Crypto Advanced Conferences in order to meet in person the pioneers from both sides and discuss live the best way to disrupt the market and position your company above your competitors.


2S PRO GROUP at the Davos Blockchain Economic Forum

2S Pro Group will be participating at the Blockchain Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland from 24 to 26 of January 2019. The company will be represented by Athanasios T. Ladopoulos who has recently joined the Group as Managing Partner. This development will further boost 2S Pro Group Blockchain Business Unit and will serve a new series of business activities beyond Crypto Basics which has been our basic educational workshop. Stay tuned for some exciting news to come.

2S Pro Group and Greek Trader form a strategic partnership for launching Crypto Basics Workshop in Greece

Dear Friends,

It with great pleasure that we are announcing our strategic collaboration with Greek Trader the largest investor community in Greece for educating the public about Stocks Trading and Technical Analysis practices.

Greek Trader serves a community of 5,000 Investors and is the founder of the Greek Trader Trading Club a state of the art space where innovative events and seminars are organized by the Greek Trader Team.

The Strategic Collaboration focuses on the exclusive organization of the Crypto Basics series of workshops in the Greek Traders Trading Club facilities in Athens Greece.

Furthermore 2S Pro Group and the Greek Trader team will work closely together to produce technical analysis reports focused in Cryptocurrencies that will be available to the members of the Greek Trade family.

The launch of the 1st Crypto Basics workshop on 8/12 will be held in Greek Traders Trading Club Facilities in Athens Greece.