2S PRO GROUP announces its strategic collaboration with Ekkatharistis.gr

2S PRO GROUP is forming a strategic collaboration with the leader in the stock e-commerce market in Greece ekkatharistis.gr

ekkatharistis.gr is a platform with over 12000 Subscribers and interconnects Buyers and Sellers of stock products. Merchants that wish to stop their operations can contact ekkatharistis.gr in order to sell their merchandize or store equipment while Buyers can send their offers to buy these stock offers.

The Greek Platform of b2bgrowthpro.com is now interlinked with ekkatharistis.gr in an effort to offer to its members premium services as for selling and buying stock products in Greece. Furthermore ekkatharistis.gr will export stock products through the B2B GROWTH PRO International Marketplace.

John Aslanis CEO of 2S PRO GROUP stated:

” This is an era for strategic collaborations and interconnection between different platforms and SaaS Companies. COVID-19 is a catalyst and there is no room for risk. We decided to expand B2B GROWTH PRO Services Portfolio in Greece by interconnecting our platform with the leading e commerce stock market player www.ekkatharistis.gr. By this way we are offering access to a leading stock marketplace to our Greek Clients and we offer access to the International Market for Stock Products from Greece.”