2S PRO GROUP, a business strategy firm based in London has launched B2B GROWTH PRO a new e-tool for connecting Buyers and Vendors.

B2B GROWTH PRO started as a business development service of 2S PRO GROUP focusing on acting as an external Sales Team for Clients.

The Company focusing on Business Concepts quickly developed a platform that covered all the aspects of modern B2B Business.

B2B Growth Pro is a marketplace that offers to procurement departments tailor made tools in order to assist them in gathering offers from Vendors and buy the desired product & services at the best prices.

Furthermore it offers to Vendors the opportunity to get instant notification about Buyer Requests and Auctions.

The platform is available in English and Greek at www.b2bgrowthpro.com

Full House for the Crypto Advanced Presentation during the Greek Trader Investment Forum

On Sunday the 31st of March the co founder of Crypto Advanced and CEO of 2S PRO GROUP Mr.John Aslanis had the opportunity to present the Crypto Advanced Pro Business Unit to the investors attending the Greek Trader Investment Forum which took place at the Trading Club facilities in Athens Greece.

Over 70+ Investors had the chance to learn about the Crypto Advanced Services (Premium Newsletter, Blockchain Consulting, Blockchain Conferences) and also about the Business applications of the Blockchain and understand that Cryptocurrencies are not stocks but a mean to possess technology rights and create corporate financial ecosystems.

Mr.Aslanis presented the metrics of the Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization through the years and expressed his opinion that we are going through the second crypto winter which is going to end soon and that the market will recover since all the regulations that are being voted as well as the cryptocurrency related investment products that are being launched will prepare the ground for the next bull market.

Finally Mr.Aslanis presented a series of Blockchain Business Models in order to prove that the future gains from cryptocurrencies are not going to come from trading but from actually using this technology in the business field.